Drawing is my second nature. It feels like coming home. On paper I find my safe haven where I can take a break from the world and its excessive input. Tracing the lines sooths and reinvigorates me.


My brushes and paint at hand, I envision a world of colour on my canvas. Painting can be a battle. Time and time again I take up arms. Sometimes I lose the fight, sometimes I win. The challenge can leave me feeling frustrated and hopeless when I can’t find the perfect finishing stroke. But hitting the mark just right fills me with serenity and gratification.


I've been singing in a band called Yip for over 30 years. It has compelled me to push my boundaries. Making music with friends, being on the road with them and enjoying a good gig or song makes the experience genuinely rewarding. As music is my companion during my art struggles, together with my brushes it makes me complete.


Just like Monet, the painter I admire the most, I can’t live without gardening. The landscape becomes my canvas. This time I mix colours, light and shade with plants instead of paint. As I see them flourish, nature feeds my inspiration and seeps into my paintings.